Here Be Dragons

How to win deals and influence ideas by mastering the eloquent art of storyselling!


There are two kinds of stories in sales:

Yours, And those that matter.
Most sell the first. Few sell the latter.

The first can make you famous, but it’s the latter that’s going to get them to sign on the dotted line.

Exceptional salespeople know that the only story worth telling is your customer’s.

And what’s the cost to your sales targets and growth if you’re not selling the right story? Well, everything. It will cost you everything.

There’s no presentation sexy enough, or CRM robust enough, or a sales brochure strong enough to save a salesperson from a pitch that sells the wrong story.

Here Be Dragons: A Salesperson’s Secret Weapon to Winning Deals and Pitching with Confidence

Learn the proven, tested and iron-clad sales narrative action framework that’s helped countless companies and sales teams outperform their competitors.

Forget about your less-than-awesome sales incentives, pizza Tuesdays and incessant bell ringing; discover the real superpower behind powerful sales narratives. The one that most salespeople search for their entire careers but never find. It’s yours now. All 181 pages of it.

“Every so often a book about Sales comes along that redefines how we think about the sales journey. This is one of them. And it completely turns the idea of “journey” on its head.”

– Someone famous that Richard knows that we can put here.

“There are a lot of how-to sales books out there but this is more like a why-to book. You’ll speed up your sales process, understand your clients’ needs and write better pitch decks just by having this book within reach. It’s critical reading!”
– Someone Rich knows, Sales Director XXX

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The Best Book to Buy for Global Sales Teams This Year

Change minds, drive sales and solve problems… the Getafix way (you’ll see).

  • The silver bullet sales narrative proven to get customers over the line.
  • Learn how to sell UPSs – Unique Problems only YOU can Solve.
  • Discover the formula to exceptional presentations and pitch deck narratives
  • Shift the way you see your role in this world (A state of mind that very few salespeople have achieved)


Got a big pitch or two coming up?

If you could sell a new story at two of your meetings next week, how would that impact your life and business?

Get your copy and start selling a new story

What People Say About it:

Breathe fire into your sales narrative and sell the right story.

About the Author

Richard Mulholland

Richard Mulholland understands presentation and sales narratives through three key perspectives. Firstly, as the founder of presentation powerhouse Missing Link, he has spent nearly a quarter of a century coaching multinational organisations, thousands of top executives and international professional speakers to deliver unforgettable presentations (many of whom have gone on to become TED speakers).

Secondly, Richard understands first-hand the impact that a memorable talk can make through his own experiences as a sought-after professional speaker, having spoken in over 30 countries across six continents. His youtube videos have been viewed tens of millions of times, and he is frequently invited to be a strategic contributor for behemoth virtual platforms Zoom and Prezi.

Finally – and most importantly – Richard knows the significance and benefits of well-crafted presentations and narratives can make within an entrepreneurial and sales environment, having built 4 of his own businesses. Richard is also a frequent contributor and lecturer for the EO organisations.

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